What do you mean by calorie management?

Understanding the requirement of food and providing it with right quantity of good calories at right time to have a best result. Our programme will never make you feel dull, low on energy and hungry.

What is your detailed programme?

The relationship between mind and body is complex. Every person is unique; activities are different so programme differs from person to person. Be it meeting, travel, home, shopping, you will have no excuse to miss the programme (diet/exercise) scheduled.

Do you supply any kind of protein powders or tablets?

We believe in Food and Nutrition. The source doesn’t matter. Education helps to understand the philosophy of Balanced Nutrition.

Do I need to visit daily?

The best part is combining diet improvements together. Interested in maintaining the lost weight education is the key, well empowered with personal and regular follow-up.

What are your charges?

Depends on your requirement as they differ from person to person.